Friday, 5 April 2013

Looking for Cleaning carpets in Calgary, AB ?

We Preform the best Carpet Cleaning in Calgary, AB.   When it comes to cleaning carpets in Calgary, AB we are the go to company for many years now.  We are  one of 1% of carpet cleaning companies in Calgary that Offer Residential, Commercial & Industrial Services. Carpets being cleaned in Calgary have that extra dirt. This heavy soiling requires extra attention and superior cleaning.  We have the tools and equipment to make sure the durst disappears instantly.

Clean X Carpet Cleaning takes great honor to have kept carpets clean in the Calgary for several years. The difference with our carpet cleaning company compared with our competitors’ is the excellent results we provide. We use only the highest quality carpet cleaning products and technology to be sure your carpet life is extended and your carpet maintains the same perfect look and feel as the first day you bought it and for many years to come. We are setting new standards in the carpet cleaning services.

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