Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Carpet Cleaning Calgary, Clean X Calgary Calgary - Video Dailymotion

Carpet Cleaning Calgary, Clean X Calgary Calgary - Video Dailymotion

Clean X Calgary Carpet Cleaning

Call for Information! - Office Cleaning Calgary, AB
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday
Phone: 403-615-1544

Clean X Carpet and Upholstery Ltd. offers all kinds of cleaning for your needs

Our powerful carpet cleaning supplies, solvents, protectors, stain removers and other carpet cleaning products have been designed and chemically engineered by some of the top carpet cleaning chemists in the country who have worked with companies such as: DuPont, 3M, Pure clean, and more.

Carpet cleaning service rates are negotiable according to your needs. With our experience in the carpet cleaning industry, we have the expertise to fairly price any carpet cleaning job you need completed.

• Move Out & Move In Carpet Cleaning

• Open House Pre-cleaning

• Commercial office cleaning

• Furniture and Upholstery (office Chairs)

• Have a healthily environment for your staffompany!

We at Clean X Carpet and Upholstery cleaning know the amount of dirt and grime that will accumulate in your office space over a short time. A long with all the micro - organism's that live in your carpets right at your feet. It is important to have a clean atmosphere to keep your staff moving and producing the work that needs to be done. Buy having a clean floor space it not only gives a good first impression but an everlasting impression and a healthier environment for the people working.